What do you love?

What do you think about, when you get to choose what you’re thinking about? When you get to choose what you do… what do you do?

What are the hobbies and passions that bring joy and light into your life?

We all have them. A few examples:

  • Cooking
  • Fantasy Sports
  • Woodworking
  • Gaming
  • Hiking
  • Painting
  • Playing the Banjo

These passions are essential for a healthy life, as they free us from the monotony of the sleep/work/eat cycle while giving us avenues to express our creativity, move our bodies, and interact with others.

Here’s the important thing (and it’s something you might not believe): many others share your passion. With 5 billion+ people online as of April 2022, there are more people researching topics related to your favorite hobbies than you may realize.

I built my first topical website back in January of 2000. The topic? Learning to play the banjo. Several months after the site launched, it received 300 visits in one day. One day!

I was amazed. And convinced that I had reached every banjo player on the Internet.

Little did I know that a few years later the site would regularly reach 25,000 visitors each day.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your passion is only yours. It’s a big world.

Don’t make this mistake.

There’s an infinite universe of blog topics, but a very small universe of topics that work for you.

Internet “gurus” will tell you that the path to blogging success is finding a popular topic, then creating a pile of posts with search engine optimized titles and keyword-stuffed paragraphs. Heck, you can even use an AI tool to do the writing for you, right?

Wrong. Don’t buy the lie that you can be successful blogging about a topic simply because the topic is popular.

The web is full of crappy content created by people who were paid to quickly research a topic and write up a post. If you want to succeed, you have to be different. Better. The good news is, you can do it!

Your Superpower

You may not know it yet, but you have a superpower, and it’s the key to your blogging success.

That superpower is passion. Your passion for a particular hobby/topic has given you a depth of knowledge and experience, and it’s from this well that you’ll create unique, useful content that adds value to others and dollars to your bank account.

Have you chosen your topic yet? Let’s look at it from another angle…